Choosing a Physics Career - Self Assessment

Is Physics Right for You?

Self-assessment is a common tool employed by career counselors to help anyone at any career stage.  If you are thinking about becoming a physics major, or going to graduate school, but aren’t 100% sure about whether or not either is good for you, a self-assessment can help you decide.

Where to Start

Ask Yourself
Begin assessing your physics temperament by asking yourself these simple questions:

  1. Are you curious about how the universe works?
  2. Would you like to discover new things?
  3. Do you like to solve problems?
  4. Do you like to figure out new technologies?
  5. Do you like using math for practical things?
  6. Are you interested in acquiring skills that apply to many career fields?

Ask a Counselor
If these simple questions spark your interest in physics, the next step is to speak to a career counselor, who can facilitate your assessment of your career interests.  You may also want to speak with a physics teacher/professor at your school/college.

Personality Assessments

As the name suggests, you can do a lot of self-assessment on your own. Many online personality tests offer free versions of their assessments. These tools only provide a general overview of your work and learning styles but they can be interesting and helpful if you've never done one before.
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