Career & Professional Development Liaisons

With the range of jobs available in today's job market, it has never been more important for physics students to have an accurate and comprehensive view of their career options and the skills necessary to viably compete in the job market. In recognition of these trends, physics departments are now seeking ways to prepare their students for career self-navigation after graduation.

The Career Professional Development Liaison (CPDL) is the principal contact person in each physics department who is responsible for programs to prepare students for their post-graduate careers and employment. This includes providing up-to-date, useful information to students and faculty regarding physics employment in industry, academia, government, and other sectors. Additionally, the CPDL typically plays a role in the professional development initiatives for students and faculty in their physics department.

Since most faculty members have heavy course loads, and research responsibilities, the APS will strive to provide the CPDL with the most relevant, accurate, and timely information available.

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