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The APS Committee on Careers and Professional Development (CCPD), created this forum for the Career and Professional Development Liaisons in physics departments who have been identified by the department chairs. The CPDLs are those faculty members who have an interest in and commitment to making the broad spectrum of physics careers more widely known to students and faculty. This forum will allow the Committee and departments to share developed resources with one another, and will provide an environment that fosters discussion of issues concerning physics careers. Currently this list is closed to CPDLs, however, with proper permissions, resources may be shared with the community at large.

Examples of the kinds of postings appearing on the CPDL-List:

  • Discussion of career and professional development issues in physics
  • Discussion about proposed career programs in the department or in the physics community
  • Announcement of programs designed to aid in establishing the careers of physicists and solicitation of feedback
  • Information about career events at APS or other meetings
  • Advice on teaching (suggestions for textbooks, discussion of different learning styles)

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