Past Campaigns

Edward A. Bouchet Award Endowment
The Bouchet Award lost its annual funding in 2012, so APS established a fundraising campaign to endow it. The campaign exceeded its goal of $140,000, raising a total of $151,000.

21st Century Campaign
From 2006 - 2008, the APS 21st Century Campaign raised funds to improve science education, attract greater numbers of women and under-represented minorities to the sciences, and develop stronger ties between industry and academia.  The campaign exceeded its goal of $3.5 million with a final total of $4.3 million.

Campaign for Physics
The Campaign for Physics raised $5 million in support of science education at the K-12 level and beyond.

The APS Development Department spearheaded the effort to raise funds for a number of events and projects related to the APS Centennial in 1999.  The Centennial Campaign raised over $1 million.