Sherry J. Yennello

Texas A&M

Candidate for General Councilor

Biographical SummarySherry Yennello

Sherry J. Yennello is a Regents Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute and a University Faculty Fellow.  Yennello joined the Texas A&M faculty in 1993 after serving as a postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University (1991-92) and earning her Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1990.  Additionally she was a Nuclear Physics Program Director at the NSF (2000-02). Her research is in accelerator based heavy-ion reactions to study the dynamics and thermodynamics of excited nuclear matter and elucidate the nuclear equation of state – particularly the density dependence of the symmetry term - which has implications for the formation of elements and other astrophysical processes. In addition, she devotes energy to enhancing equity and access to education and professional advancement for all, including both creating opportunities and motivating people to take advantage of opportunities that are available.  Interests include motivating the current stakeholders to be agents of change.

Yennello has chaired the APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics and served on the APS Nominating Committee.  Yennello currently serves on the DNP Executive Committee and chairs the DNP Education Committee.  She has served on the Program Committee, the Fellowship Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Mentoring Award Committee for the DNP.   Additionally, Yennello chaired the Committee of Visitors for the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics and has served on the NSAC Radioactive Ion Beam Task Force, Subcommittee on Education and the 2007 Long Range Plan Working Group.

Yennello is a fellow of the American Physical Society (2005), the American Chemical Society (2011), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2013). Her many awards include the ACS's Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal (2011), the Texas A&M Women's Faculty Network Outstanding Mentor Award (2010), the Texas A&M Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching at both the university and college levels (2012 and 2008, respectively), the Sigma Xi National Young Investigator Award (2000), the NSF Young Investigator Award (1994), the Oak Ridge Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (1993) and the General Electric Faculty for the Future Award (1993).

Yennello serves as principal investigator for four major National Science Foundation grants — including the APS Professional Skills Development workshop for women physicists and Texas A&M's ADVANCE Center for Women Faculty— totaling more than $5.5 million in funding to benefit STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education and outreach. She was architect and co-chair of the APS Gender Equity Conversation effort and serves as the current chair of the College of Science Diversity Committee. In addition her scientific research has received funding of more than $8.5 million throughout her career.

Candidate's Statement

In 1999 D. Allan Bromley wrote in the Washington Post "No Science, No Surplus" and made the case for federal investment in science.  In 1945  Vannevar Bush wrote "Science: The Endless Frontier", and made the case for curiosity driven research.  The words of these men need to be revisited.

The American Physical Society needs to do all that it can to help promote physics and the education of the next generation of physicists.

This means advocating for appropriate funding of physics research to keep our science at the forefront because  "If you build it they will come" does not just apply to baseball.

This means making sure we communicate physics to everyone from students to senators and seniors, because appreciation will only come with understanding.

This means reaching out to previously underrepresented populations because utilizing the full pool of available talent is critical to our future.

I am very pleased to have been invited to stand for election for General Councillor of the American Physical Society. If I have the privilege of serving as your General Councillor, I will work to ensure that the APS has a balanced and effective approach toward achieving all of our goals.

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