Committee on Fellowship

The membership of the Committee on Fellowship consists of the Vice-President and three (3) persons selected by the Committee on Committees and appointed by the President-Elect to staggered three-year terms. The Vice-President serves as Chair. The Committee meets from time to time with the Division, Topical Group, and Forum representatives to discuss criteria for advancement to Fellowship and to ensure their equitable application. The Committee solicits nominations, reviews the recommendations of the Division, Topical Group, and Forum Fellowship Committees, and reviews the qualifications of all candidates for election to Fellowship. It also considers appeals of rejection of candidates for advancement to Fellowship. The Committee submits annually to the Executive Office a list of nominees recommended for such election. The number of recommended nominees in each year may not exceed one-half percent of the then current membership of the Society. Recommended nominees will be presented to Council at the Elections Meeting, and a majority vote of the Councilors present suffices for election.

Chair: Roger Wirth Falcone (01/16 - 12/16)
Univ of California - Berkeley

Member: Arthur Ernest Champagne (01/15 - 12/17)
Univ of NC - Chapel Hill

Member: Virginia Trimble (01/16 - 12/18)
Univ of California - Irvine

Member: Emanuela Barzi (01/14 - 12/16)

Director of Membership
Trish Lettieri, APS