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Modern Science Challenges
July 23, 2014
Science is a difficult and deeply human process that lurches toward an approximation of the truth.
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Van Allen Accelerator
July 21, 2014
Space probes discover how the Van Allen Belt accelerates electrons.
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Urban Physics
July 20, 2014
What can urban physics tell us about how cities work?
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LIGO's Future
July 16, 2014
LIGO is most likely on the verge of a detection of gravitational waves.
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Latest from APS

APS Funded Outreach Groups to Unveil New ProjectsAPS Funded Outreach Groups to Unveil New Projects
Winning projects that will debut in the coming months range from nuclear science video games to gravitational wave classroom activities and physics themed theater.
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APS Bridge ProgramAPS Bridge Program Annual Meeting
This year’s meeting focused on the role of the Master's degree in advancing underrepresented minority students toward PhDs in physics.
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Laura Greene2014 APS Election Results
APS members have elected Laura Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to the office of Vice President of the Society starting in 2015.
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July APS NewsIn the July Issue of APS News...
An update on open data, an introduction to the U.S. Physics Olympiad team, an interview with NSF's new director, and more.
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Edward WittenAPS Member Wins 2014 Kyoto Prize
Theoretical physicist Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study was named one of the recipients of this year’s prestigious Kyoto Prize.
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BICEP2Physical Review Letters Publishes BICEP2 Paper
In a paper published today in Physical Review Letters, the BICEP2 team reports on what they say might be evidence of cosmic inflation.
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Trial Balloon on Helium Purchasing Plan LaunchedTrial Balloon on Helium Purchasing Plan Launched
APS is partnering with the ACS and DLA to secure lower helium prices for researchers.
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LHCLife After Higgs
Congress calls on physics leaders to discuss the recently released P5 report and its vision for the future of  particle physics in the United States.
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APS Corporate Reform

Background information, FAQs, and video updates on APS's corporate reform initiative.
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Honors Spotlight

2014 APS Jonathan Reichert and Barbara Wolff-Reichert Award for Excellence in Advanced Laboratory Instruction Recipient

Spalding Gabriel C. Spalding
Illinois Wesleyan University

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